1. The watch is delivered to service station against a receipt.
  2. Service technician identifies the problem and,
  3. Informs the client about the situation of the watch, the cost of repair/maintenance, delivery date and obtains his/her approval.
  4. Necessary parts are lubricated and case ring seals are checked thoroughly.
  5. Batteries have a life span of two years plus or minus depending on the type of the watch.
  6. While renewing the batteries of a quartz watch cover seals should be checked and replaced if necessary. Worn out seals will let water in.
  7. Delivery to client will be delayed if any internal or external spare part needs to be imported from Switzerland.
  8. Repaired watches are kept at the station for some time and tested to ensure that they are fully functional.
  9. Repaired watches are returned to clients against receipt.