Our company ŞARK SAATÇILIK DIŞ TİC. İTH. İHR. MÜM. A.Ş., acting as the data controller, attaches utmost care to the protection of personal data and privacy of our clients.

All administrative and technical measures are implemented, and updated for this purpose. Our detailed and up-to-date policy on collection, protection, processing, transfer, destruction or anonymization of personal data (“Policy”) is available on our website at www.sarksaat.com

In order to plan and perform operations and activities of our Company; to maintain our communication and business relationship with our business partners; to fulfill our contractual and legal obligations; to demand our business partners to fulfill their obligations, and to monitor whether such obligations are fulfilled; to issue invoices, waybills and current cards, and to make payments and to collect money through bank transfers, credit cards, EFT, checks, promissory notes or another designated payment instrument, and to create a payment and receipt document, our Company records personal data digitally and/or physically including name, surname, tax ID number, national ID number, address, telephone, and other contact information of our natural person business partners; the authorized representatives, agencies, shareholders and/or employees of our legal entity business partners to the extent they share such information; licenses, permits, and similar documents depending on the nature of the business to be performed; tax ID number and bank account details if a payment is going to be made, any correspondence made for communication and business whether in writing or electronic, contracts that are executed and other documents, as well camera recording of any individual visiting our facilities for security purposes, and such personal data is shared with third parties including banks, freight forwarders, customs brokers, financial advisors providing service for fulfillment of above obligations, as well as with public agencies, such as tax offices.

Your personal data will be destroyed or anonymized upon expiration of the retention term specified in the Policy, and there is no legitimate purpose to retain such information. As the data subject, you are entitled to make an application with our Company, i.e. the data controller by personally coming to “Sarı Oba Sokak No:3 34337 Etiler İstanbul” or by using one of the methods specified in Article IX of the Policy and in the application form posted on our web page, and

  • learn whether your personal data is processed or not,
  • request information on processing, if such data has been processed,
  • learn the processing purpose of personal data, and whether such data is duly used
  • learn the name and location of any party, to whom your personal data is transferred, in and out of the country,
  • request corrections, if your personal data has been processed incompletely or erroneously,
  • request deletion or destruction of your personal data, if the reasons for processing your personal data no longer apply,
  • if your personal data is corrected or destroyed, request this to be informed to third parties to whom data was transferred
  • raise objection against any unfavorable outcome of an analysis made solely with automatic systems,
  • request compensation of your damages, in the event you incur any damage due to illegal processing of your personal data.

Yours sincerely,